WWF, 1-17-18

**First reminder: Wee Friends will be closed on Friday, February 16th for conferences. We will be sending out pre-conference forms in the next couple of weeks so that we can get the schedule set! Thanks!

Good Afternoon!

Our friends started the morning off making their own music on the xylophone. They enjoyed tapping the different keys with the mallet and hearing the different sounds of the keys.


We brought some snow inside for a sensory activity. The friends were given different size scoops to use in their snow.  Aggie brought a ball in to roll around in hers.


Emma and Mack helped Miss Marty get our painting activity ready. Miss Marty also turned it into a science experience.  She added white paint to the colors, then asked the question, did it turn light or dark? Emma said, “light.”


To get ready for Valentine’s day we painted some small and large hearts using red, pink and light and dark purple paint. We all used a variety of colors and they turned out beautiful. You can find them hanging up in our classroom bamboo boards.


Breakfast:  Whole grain Cheerios and fresh PPC banana.

Lunch:  Scrambled eggs, whole grain wheat bread,  banana and carrots.

Afternoon Snack:  Whole grain wheat crackers and hummus.

Wee Sprouts:  Carrots.

Hope you had a great Wednesday!


Link to pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulibgp9WZ8bPcBKDxaLw

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WF, 1/17/2018

Good Afternoon!

After reading ‘Curious George Goes Camping’, our pre-k/k group looked around the science area for several items. When a child called out an item, we worked as a team to figure out how many syllables that word had. The first several words that we came up with were either one or two syllable words.

I asked the group to look around the room to find an item with three syllables. After a few seconds, Lucy shouted, “calendar!”. We also were able to write ‘butterfly’ under the three syllable section! Before going over the calendar, a friend commented, “We found more one syllable words than anything!”.

K.RF.3.2: Orally segment words into syllables.


Puzzles challenged us.


Magnatiles and trio blocks allowed us to use our imaginations.


“It shouldn’t matter how slowly some children learn as long as we are encouraging them not to stop.”

-Robert John Meehan

Breakfast– Whole grain oatmeal with banana.

Lunch– Scrambled eggs with shredded cheese, whole wheat bread, PPC clementines, and fresh cucumber/carrots.

PM snack– Blue corn chips and refried beans.

Wee Sprout– Fresh cucumber/carrots.

Have a fantastic night.


Link to pictures: WF 1/17

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WF, 1/16/2018

Good Afternoon!

Lucy interacted with syllable clip cards this morning. She used two methods to figure out how many syllables were in each word; the clapping method and the hand-under-the-chin method! She commented, “Fish only has one syllable but if I called him ‘fishy’, he’d have two syllables.” She used her knowledge of syllables to help her younger friends in large group.

K.RF.3.2: Orally segment words into syllables.


In large group, we read ‘Ladybug Girl and the Best Play Date Ever’. After, we reviewed what syllables are. Grady and Anna both asked how we figure out how many syllables are in a word so Lucy took it upon herself to explain. Once we were all on the same page, we separated our class into two groups: names with two syllables and names with three syllables. For each name, we double checked our self by using BOTH methods; the hand-under-the-chin method and the clapping method. At the end, many friends shared their observations: We have way more friends with two syllables in their name as opposed to three!


Salt was the focus of an experiment that we did this morning. Miss Kim and several friends gathered around the art table to discuss why we use salt on the sidewalks during the winter time. Lucy shouted, “So we don’t slip!”.

In one bucket, we painted ice cubes with paint INCLUDING salt while the other bin of ice cubes was just painted with regular paint. Our end objective was to see if the paint including the salt made the ice melt faster.



The rest of the morning was spent at the art easel, at the art table where we sorted animals based on their habitats, and creating our own patterns! It was an active, engaging morning.



Breakfast– Whole grain cheerios and banana.

Lunch– Hummus on whole wheat flatbread, banana/clementines, and fresh carrots/cucumber.

PM snack– Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and block cheddar cheese.

Wee Sprout– Fresh carrots/cucumber.

Have a great evening!


Link to pictures: WF 1/16

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WWF, 1-16-18

Good Afternoon!

Today some of the children were interested in the balls and requested to play catch with Miss Rebekah. We were working on our hand-eye coordination and our throwing and catching skills as we tossed our balls back and forth with Miss Rebekah.


After Emma and Mack were through playing catch, they both decided to take their balls over to the shelf and do an experiment to see how far each of their balls could roll down the shelf. They each found out that their ball would only make it halfway down the shelf before it stopped or rolled off the edge.


We then all went into the kitchen to work on our fine motor skills as we drew in our journals or on a piece of paper.


Breakfast:  Kix cereal and fresh apples.

Lunch:  Hummus on whole grain wheat flatbread, fresh PPC banana and peas.

Afternoon Snack:  Toasted whole grain cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese.

Wee Sprouts:  Peas.

Have a great evening!


Link to pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulibZcEOj-D_XjaIb9cA

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WWF, 1-15-18

Good Afternoon!

We would like to give a warm Wee Friends welcome to our new friend Pascale and her parents Oscar (Enrique) and Yesenia! We are so happy to have you joining us.


This morning Mack requested the pegs and peg boards. He worked on his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as he stacked the pegs in his boat.


We spent some time looking at our favorite winter stories and other books.


The friends were busy playing with the balls, climbing, moving the pegs on the abacus board and driving the cars in the habitrail area.


Breakfast:  Whole grain cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and PPC banana.

Lunch:  Whole grain pasta with red beans, corn and PPC pears.

Afternoon Snack:  Whole milk yogurt and graham crackers.

Wee Sprouts:  Corn.

Have a great night!


Link to pictures:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulibYA_KEnpgjFTYLHyg

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WF, 1/15/2018

Good Afternoon!

Children used their background knowledge of letters to match uppercase letters to lowercase letters. Younger children watched as their older friends completed the activity, gaining knowledge by watching their older peer. Franklin saw several letters that he knew, stating, “Here’s an ‘S’ for Sophia!”. Most of the children who did this activity noted the letters in their name or in a friends name.

K.RF.2.4: Identify and name all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.


Our class had a great start to our week! We hope you did too!


Breakfast– Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and banana.

Lunch– Whole wheat pasta with kidney beans and butter, clementines and banana, and fresh carrots/cucumber.

PM snack– Whole milk yogurt with pumpkin flax granola.

Wee Sprout– Fresh carrots.

Have a wonderful night!


Link to pictures: WF 1/15

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WWF, 1-12-2018

Good Afternoon. Here are some of the pictures from our day for your enjoyment!


Lunch:  Shredded cheddar cheese on whole grain wheat tortilla quesadillas, fresh PPC apples and corn.

Afternoon Snack:  Goldfish crackers and cheddar block cheese.

Wee Sprouts:  Corn.

Have a great weekend!


Link to pictures:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulibVeU-XWnO9l4aToOw

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WF, 1/12/2018

Happy Friday!

**First reminder: Wee Friends will be closed on Friday, February 16th for conferences. We will be sending out pre-conference forms in the next couple of weeks so that we can get the schedule set! Thanks!

Here’s a few pictures from our short day!




Breakfast– No breakfast today Smile.

Lunch– Peanut butter on whole wheat bread, fresh apples/PPC banana, and frozen mixed veggies.

PM snack– Cheddar block cheese and pretzels.

Wee Sprout– Cherry tomatoes and fresh carrots.

Have a lovely weekend!


Link to pictures: WF 1/12

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WF, 1/11/2018

Good Afternoon!

**Please clear out your child’s art cubbie at pick up today. Thanks!

In our pre-k/k group, we’re going to be asking a very important community helper to do a job for us: getting our package across the Atlantic Ocean to Lulu in Germany! Lulu, a Wee Friender who just moved away, will be our pen pal for the foreseeable future. Tomorrow, we’re going to start writing her letters or drawing her pictures. When we’re done, we’re going to put them into an envelope and send it to Germany!

Today, we read ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’. In the story, the crayons write letters to Duncan explaining why they’re upset. We took a look at the layout of several letter examples in case we wanted to write a letter to Lulu! Word is..we have a special card coming our way too! We’re excited to receive mail! Smile

Social Studies: K.2.1 Give examples of people who are community helpers (inside the classroom and outside the classroom) and describe how they help us.


Our sensory need was fulfilled this morning as children explore the moon sand in the sensory bin. Several utensils were used to manipulate the moon sand including spoons, tongs, bowls, and measuring spoons/cups.


A painting opportunity was made available this morning at the art table. Children used small paint brushes to move the paint around the paper.


We have flourished this week, getting back into our regular routine.


Breakfast– Kix and fresh apples/pears.

Lunch– Brown rice with shredded beef, fresh apples, and fresh carrots.

PM snack– Sunflower seeds and graham crackers.

Wee Sprout– PPC cherry tomatoes and fresh carrots.

Have a great evening!


Link to pictures: WF 1/11

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WWF, 1-11-18

Good Afternoon!

Emma and Mack worked on their social skills as they worked as a team to work on their alphabet puzzle. What great teamwork!


We enjoyed feeling the different textures of the stepping stones with our hands and feet as we used a variety of different movements, crawling, walking and running to go across them.


Breakfast:  Whole grain Cheerios and fresh PPC pears.

Lunch:  Whole grain brown rice with shredded beef, pears and carrots.

Afternoon Snack:  Pretzels and PPC banana.

Wee Sprouts:  Carrots.

Have a great night!


Link to pictures:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulibUOlQdmOl8mv8NYJQ

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