WWF 9/26

We had a busy Monday morning here at Wee Wee!

A few of us took a turn in the classroom swing…


We played with the transparent stackers and object permanence boxes…


Got messy in the kitchen with shaving cream…


And rounded off the morning by having a great time outside!


Breakfast was whole wheat toast with butter and kiwi. Lunch consisted of whole wheat pasta with chicken, oranges, and peas. Afternoon snack was pretzels and cheddar cheese.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulhr0KdnRTAO73Yd4zBQ

Have a great night!


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WF, 9/26/2016

Good Afternoon!

Our FAB’s for the week:

K.RL.2.3: Identify important elements of the text (e.g., characters, settings, or events).

K.NS.7: Identify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group.

K.NS.10: Separate sets of ten or fewer objects into equal groups.

We used the wooden connect 4 board in a couple different ways this morning.


Lulu and Addi played Connect 4, counting to see who was the first one to get four in a row of the same color. Lulu talked about patterns that she saw such as, “There’s two blacks and then one red right here!”


Miss Melinda and Jackson used the board in a different way. Miss Melinda put two or three rows of checkers, asking questions such as, “Which row has the most amount of checkers?” After discussing the terms most/least and more/less, Miss Melinda asked, “Are there two rows that are equal to one another?”

The term ‘equal to’ was discussed. Jackson said, “Oh. These two are equal because they’re the same!” (K.NS.7)


In kindergarten:

We continued this theme as we pulled out the trio blocks. Jackson built two tall towers and said, “These two are equal!” Addi built two side by side that were the same length as well. We introduced the equal sign as meaning exactly that; equal!

As we worked with the blocks, Addi and Jackson both built towers, comparing and contrasting the length of the towers they built. (K.NS.7)


Some of our friends helped us harvest vegetables that were ready in the garden.


In large group, we read ‘Tacky the Penguin’. We found it especially comical, often eliciting laughs from our friends. After we read the story, we talked about important things that make up the story such as the characters and setting. The characters were made up of a group of penguins as well as the hunters. We looked back in the story to help us with the names of all of the penguins.

When I asked what the setting was in the story, children weren’t too sure about what that exactly meant. I explained that the setting is where the story takes place; it could be many places! In this book, we found out that the setting was mainly outside with Jackson chipping it, “It looks like an iceberg!”

Finally, we talked about the problem; something that needs to be fixed in the story and sometimes it can be something bad. There were hunters in the story who tried to come and hunt the penguins. After we found out what the problem was, Maddie raised her hand and said, “But the penguins sang and the hunters ran away!”—we found our solution! (K.RL.2.3)


Addi used Maddie’s shirt as inspiration for her journal today! Smile



Breakfast– English muffins with cream cheese and apples.

Lunch– Whole wheat pasta with butter and chicken, oranges, and cherry tomatoes/cauliflower.

PM snack– Whole milk yogurt with granola.

Wee Sprouts– Cauliflower.

Have a terrific evening.


Link to pictures: WF 9/26

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WF, 9/23/2016

Happy Friday!

Jackson and Lucy worked with rubber heart trays and colored gems. First, they separated the gems by color and put certain colors in the trays while leaving the reminder gems in the glass jar.


Boy, was it a music filled morning!

Almost all of our friends gathered on the music rug where Miss Melinda turned on different nature music. We listened to the different sounds that we heard and thought of things they were representing. For instance, one of the songs had loud noises so Lucy suggested, “It could be bears stomping their feet!”


“The farmer takes the wife. The farmer takes the wife. Hi-ho the derrio. The farmer takes the wife.”

“The wife takes a child. The wife takes a child. Hi-ho the derrio. The wife takes a child.”

We formed a big circle and learned the song, ‘The Farmer in the Dell’. Jackson started off as a farmer and decided who his wife should be (Anna!). The song went on and on until all of our characters had been chosen!


The rhythm of the song and the makeup of the words allowed friends to sing along! We ended it by Tate becoming the cheese and standing alone in the circle!


Next came ‘Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush’. Friends followed Miss Melinda’s gestures and listened to the words in the music.


Finally, we headed back over to the piano area where everyone was given an instrument. Miss Melinda handed out one instrument at a time. Before friends got the instrument, we had to tell her what the instrument was called!


Music was turned on that had various instruments. Friends listened with their ears and when they heard their instrument, they began to play!


Journaling was a hit again today. We’re continuing to work on the journaling procedure with our younger friends. Everyone is enjoying being able to put words to their pictures.



In large group, we read two stories that belong to the ‘fiction’ category. ‘Bear’s Loose Tooth’ and ‘Zoom’ are made up stories; not real. We reviewed all of the stories that we read throughout the week and what type of book they are!


Breakfast– Rice cakes with no nut butter and grapes.

Lunch– Hummus on whole wheat bread, apples, and broccoli.

PM snack– Grapes, pretzels, and string cheese.

Wee Sprout– Broccoli.

Have a great weekend!


Link to pictures: WF 9/23

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WWF 9/23

Please note: We have a student from IUSB visiting for a couple hours every Monday morning for the next ten weeks. Welcome, Kaylee!

Enjoy the pictures!


Breakfast was Kix and strawberries. Lunch consisted of whole wheat tortilla with hummus, grapes, and peas. Afternoon snack was cheese crackers and string cheese.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulhroO16z1l84tMxWp5Q

Have a great weekend!


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WWF 9/22

We had fun with bubble wrap this morning!

Our friends saw the bubble wrap unrolled on the floor and knew exactly what to do!


They ran up and down the plastic, listening to the loud pops and laughing with delight. They stomped their little feet until they were too tired to stomp anymore!


Breakfast was Whole Grain Cheerios and peaches. Lunch consisted of whole grain brown rice with cheese, peaches, and peas. Afternoon snack was pretzels and string cheese.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulhrlITAsVvgiWe2vhkQ

Have a great night!


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WF, 9/22/2016


We had an active morning here at Wee Friends!

The category game was put at the circle table for friends to explore. Within the box, there’s a mixture of items that children sort using different title cards. (K.DA.1)


David finished his breakfast and got out the pegs. Many friends came and went while using the peg board in a different manner. Grady filled his peg board and turned it over to see what colors he used!


The table was open for journals which were fully taken advantage of this morning. Once children finish their picture, we put words to their drawing. A date stamp is used along with being able to pick out one sticker to put on their journal.


We switched out the corn sensory bin for moon sand! There were many different utensils used to transform and manipulate the moon sand.


“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.” – Thomas Berry



Holy moly. We saw some action! The caterpillar truck even honked their horn for us a few times. Needless to say, we didn’t get to clean up our toys before lunch Smile (talk about super focused!).


In large group, we celebrated the first day of Fall by reading ‘Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf’’. We talked about different things we observe outside when the seasons change from Summer to Fall. “The leaves fall to the ground before it snows!”—snow? Who said anything about snow..



Breakfast– Cheerios and banana.

Lunch– Organic, brown rice with shredded cheese, banana, and cauliflower.

PM snack– Wheat thins and pumpkin seeds.

Wee Sprouts– Cucumber.

Have a lovely night!


Link to pictures: WF 9/22

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WWF 9/21

Today we let loose our energy on the track…


Had a surprise visitor…


Turned the sidewalk into a work of art…


And worked together to build towers!


Breakfast was toast with butter and cinnamon and strawberries. Lunch consisted of farm fresh eggs, peaches, green beans, and toast. Afternoon snack was wheat crackers with cream cheese.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulhrd0wFrK2GQCYIjgJw

Have a great night!


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WF, 9/21/2016


Addi got out the counting sticks this morning. She arranged the numbers in an order and then proceeded to match the sticks to the numbers. Lulu came up and asked what the sticks are used for and how we use them. We sat down together and practiced addition using the sticks.


Maxwell and Tate asked to do a journal so we got out their binders and they both completed a journal. After they were done, they used the date stamp and chose a sticker to put on their journal. Whether we’re working with a two year old or a five year old, it’s always great for them to be able to journal their thoughts at any given time.


Our music time this morning started with the story, ‘I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More.’ After Miss Melinda read the story, we transitioned to music on the computer where songs of nature were played (lightning, thunder, wind, etc.). Children worked on guessing what the music sounded like. There were a few songs that were focused on animals such as the buffalo, cougar, and moose. We didn’t have any background knowledge of the buffalo so Miss Melinda got out the computer to bring up pictures of certain animals.


The dumpster in the alley was brought today (we were SUPER excited). A house on the other side of the alley is getting work done on it so we’ve been watching for the commotion! Friends stood at the gate for quite some time, focusing in on all of the action.


Miss Tami brought one of her puppies to visit. We all worked on using nice touches when we were given the opportunity to pet the puppy.


In large group:

We focused on non-fiction stories today. We read, ‘The Living Rain Forest’ which talked about different animals that live in the rain forest. The book started with the letter A and went to the letter Z! There were many animals that we had never heard of before!

Riley commented, “I know that one! It’s a lemur. I’ve seen one at the zoo before.”

Jackson let everyone know that, “I’m going to fish with my dad in Canada and try and catch a piranha.”

We discussed how ‘non-fiction’ means real life! For example, the animals that we learned about today!



We’re continuing our research into different text genres..what will tomorrow hold?


Breakfast– Whole grain oatmeal and peaches/kiwi.

Lunch– Scrambled eggs, English muffins, oranges, and cherry tomatoes.

PM snack– Crackers and hummus.

Wee Sprouts– Peppers (we blinked and they were gone!).

Have a terrific afternoon!


Link to pictures: WF 9/21

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WWF 9/20

The sensory table was open in the kitchen this morning, with bowls and cups to scoop and pour the birdseed.


For friends who were patiently waiting for their turn with the birdseed, the peg boards were out in the other room to play with.


Then we went outside, where we practiced our bike riding skills!


As well as our throwing and kicking skills!


What a busy morning our friends had developing their fine and gross motor skills! Play is one of the best ways to strengthen these!

Breakfast was Whole Grain Cheerios and pear. Lunch consisted of whole wheat tortilla with turkey and shredded cheese, kiwi, and carrots. Afternoon snack was homemade chocolate zucchini bread and blueberries.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulhrYuXV1rvPbfOpU1iA

Have a great night!


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WF, 9/20/2016

Good Afternoon!

There were many opportunities for building this morning. The yellow tracks along with the wooden train tracks were used to create complex tracks.


Miss Melinda read the ‘Take Me Out Of The Bathtub’ book this morning. It had many different silly songs that went along with popular song melodies such as Take Me Out To The Ballgame, London Bridges, and Twinkle Twinkle. Miss Melinda hummed the melody and had children guess what the song was! We have good listening ears!


We headed outside where we were welcomed by a beautiful morning! There’s some construction going on in the alley so that got us all kinds of excited! Smile


In large group, we continued our text genre exploration as we hit fairytales today. (K.RL.3.1)

“What are fairytales?”

-“They are made up!”

-“They talk about people that aren’t real.”

-“I want to read the story about the beast!”

So..we read ‘Beauty and the Beast’. As a group, we looked at certain phrases that we see in fairytales such as, “Once Upon A Time” and “…happily ever after”. After we read the story, a friend said, “Can we read another story like that? I like those people.”


In kindergarten this afternoon:

We got out the light table and observed the different characteristics of plastic shapes. First, we compared different shapes to see which shape was bigger or smaller. The activity turned into a shape formation where Jackson and Addi took shapes and made a different shape! Jackson took two triangles and said, “Look! I made a diamond.” Jackson took two squares and two triangles that were different in size and explained which shapes were bigger by putting the shapes right up next to one another. (K.DA.1)


I took several shapes and put them in my left hand while my right hand had nothing. I asked which hand had all of the shapes and they tapped my left hand. I then asked which hand had nothing and I got two right hand high fives! (K.NS.9)


Addi took all of her shapes that we had categorized by color and started to build a symmetrical design.


Breakfast– Kashi Blueberry Clusters and peaches.

Lunch– Turkey and cream cheese on tortillas, strawberries, and cucumbers.

PM snack– Whole wheat bagels with cream cheese.

Wee Sprouts– Cucumbers.

Have a great night!


Link to pictures: WF 9/20

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