WWF 2/24

Happy Friday! Enjoy the pictures from our day!


Breakfast was corn flakes and banana. Wee sprout was mixed veggies. Lunch consisted of chicken salad on bagels, bananas, and mixed veggies. Afternoon snack was cheese crackers and string cheese.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulh8NJyKYuHJTouQwBQQ

Have a great weekend!


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WF, 2/24/2017

Happy Friday!


Miss Tami received ‘the potty duck’ from an acquaintance of hers. He created it and wanted us to test it out! The duck gets full of water and goes pee-pee in the potty. Afterwards, we can push the blue button and it flushes the potty (the water comes out of the bottom). It is geared towards children who are starting the potty training process, but can be used with any child. It has a suction cup on the back and is really meant for the bathtub.

So, after careful consideration and a stellar group meeting, we are going to have potty duck go home with one child every weekend. On Monday, the child who had potty duck will share with the class what they did over the weekend! We will randomly select children and start up the potty duck exploration next weekend! If you have any questions, please ask! Our friends are excited to have a traveling class pet Smile.




Jackson and Addi ended their week by finishing off the last sign in entry. After writing their names, we talked about the first thing they do when they wake up in the morning! Addi goes straight to breakfast while Jackson lays in bed for a little bit before getting up. Once we were done having discussions, we wrote about it!


In large group, we read a book that Jackson brought in from home titled, ‘What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?’. We used our prediction skills as we predicted what animal part belonged to what animal. After learning what part belonged to what animal, we learned what they use that specific part for. For example, an elephant uses it’s nose to bathe!

Our kid spelling was in high gear as all of our older kids described and wrote about their journal. We’re starting to hear more and more vowel sounds while strengthening the use of our consonants.


Various building materials were pulled out this morning. Max and a few friends used magnatiles to create with while Jackson used the trio blocks to build his fortress!


We decluttered our Valentine’s Day décor so we looked ahead on the calendar and found St. Patrick’s Day! Black, white, and green construction paper strips were put on the table. Friends used markers and dot paints to color the strips. After the strips were stamped with our imagination and creativity, we stapled them together to make a chain (with the help of Max)!


Tada! The finished product.


With the ups and downs of this winter season, we are so thankful for how much outside time we got this week!


Breakfast– Rice cakes with no nut butter and banana.

Lunch– Homemade avocado chicken salad on whole wheat bread, banana/oranges, and snap peas.

PM snack– Pretzel crisps and block cheese.

Wee Sprouts– Green beans.

Have a lovely weekend!


Link to pictures: WF 2/24

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WF, 02-23-2017

Good Afternoon. Enjoy some of the pictures from our day!


Breakfast: Kashi’s Cinnamon Wheat Squares cereal and plums.

Lunch: Whole grain brown rice with chicken, broccoli with cheese, cherry tomatoes and apples.

Afternoon Snack: Whole wheat crackers and chick peas.

Wee Sprouts: Cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

Have a great night!


Link to pictures:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulh8FSBUemRZ1bzp_hDA

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WWF 2/23

We played with playdough this morning at the kitchen table. Our friends poked holes in it with golf tees and tore pieces off to mold the dough into objects. Friends told us they made snakes, balls, and footballs!


Then we decorated our leftover shamrocks with the dot paints. Friends stamped bright colors all over the paper.


Everyone was excited that the bikes were out and ran right to them when we got outside. Our friends spent most of their outside time this morning riding on them and racing them down the hill.


Breakfast was Whole Grain Cheerios and banana. Lunch consisted of whole grain brown rice with chicken, banana, and corn. Afternoon snack was wheat crackers with hummus.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulh8EXHVTjVt-WU11tAg

Have a great night!


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WWF 2/22

Today we painted green paintings and shamrocks to hang up in the classroom to get ready for Saint Patrick’s day!


Then we went outside where we enjoyed playing together. We did some climbing, raced around the track, and hitched a ride from the big kids.


After nap our friends asked to play with puppets. Their favorites are the mice puppets. Some of the other puppets were called mommy puppets, baby puppets, and teachers!


Breakfast was Kix and kiwi. Wee sprout was corn. Lunch consisted of farm fresh eggs, whole wheat bread, oranges, and corn. Afternoon snack was graham crackers and colby cheese.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulh79YZsx3xbxvWlYVwQ

Have a great night!


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WF, 2/22/2017

Good Afternoon!

There were a lot of blocks that were out in the environment this morning so when we decided it was time to clean up, our friends hatched a plan! They made a ramp to slide all of the blocks into their respective spots.


We decided to take a nature walk this morning! Friends gathered around on the carpet with their jackets on, ready to take on the neighborhood.


Before we headed out of the yard, we observed a few things in the backyard: small littles flowers already starting to bloom as well as the buds on the trees!

We looked for these signs of spring throughout our walk. Friends also talked about what’s going to happen to the buds when it gets cold again and starts snowing.


We said hi to a few animals that we saw throughout our walk: squirrels, dogs, chickens, and birds!


There was a tree stump that a couple of friends noticed while on our walk. Children took turns looking at the rings on the trees to tell us how old the tree was when it was chopped down. We estimated how many rings we saw on the stump.

Tate ran his hand along bricks so friends followed along. Descriptive words were used to describe how it felt on our hands including rough, bumpy, and hard.


In large group, we read a story titled, ‘How To Catch An Elephant’. After we read the story, we talked about what animal we would want to catch! Friends gave answers such as lion, tiger, dog, monkey, and bear!

As we were doing calendar, friends noticed that it was a special day. I asked the group if they remembered who’s birthday it is today. Tate raised his hand and said, “It’s George Washington’s birthday!”. We talked about George Washington and how important he is as far as our history of the United States. I pulled up a picture of him to show the group. Friends were curious when Washington was alive so I looked up when he was born and when he was in office. It was almost 300 years ago!

Talking about George Washington got us on the topic of our current president, Donald Trump. As we were talking about the presidents duties while in office, Tate shared that he heard that Donald Trump was going to build a wall between our country and Mexico. So, we grabbed the map and found where the line between the United States and Mexico lands. The following comments/questions were talked about:

“What will the wall look like?”

“Will planes be able to fly over the wall?”

“Do you know what? In Canada, there’s half a wall there!”

..oh the conversations we have!


Breakfast– Whole grain oatmeal with blackberries.

Lunch– Scrambled eggs with shredded cheese, whole wheat bread, banana, and green beans.

PM snack– Air popped popcorn and plums.

Wee Sprout– Cucumbers.

Have a great night!


Link to pictures: WF 2/22

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WF, 02-21-2017

Good Afternoon!

It was time to make a new banner!  A few friends were hard at work creating a banner for St. Patrick’s Day.


Playdough was requested this morning. Children were busy using a variety of playdough tools and manipulating it with their hands to make a variety of different creations.


In large group, we read a story titled, ‘Sneaky Weasel’. “What’s sneaky mean?” asked a child. There were many words within the story that friends weren’t too sure on so we added definitions to the words. After the story was finished, we talked about four of the main events that happened. I read the cards aloud and as a group, we put them into sequential order.

K.1.4: Identify and order events that take place in a sequence. (2006 standard)

Our kid spelling is in full force for our older friends during journal time. We’re hearing many consonants and working on hearing our vowels. Children are having conversations while journaling about what they’re portraying on our journal sheet.


Breakfast: Brown Rice Crisps cereal and blackberries.

Lunch: Turkey and cream cheese tortilla sandwiches, PPC mandarin oranges and broccoli.

Afternoon Snack: Whole wheat bagel and cream cheese.

Wee Sprouts: Broccoli.

Have a great evening!

Rebekah and Mindy

Link to pictures:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulh711AeHxxEYPonJ-JQ

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WWF 2/21

Today we jumped on a trampoline…


Played with the Montessori Object Permanence boxes…


Were silly together in the gross motor area…


And took care of baby dolls!


Breakfast was Whole Grain Cheerios and banana. Wee sprout was peas. Lunch consisted of whole wheat tortilla with hummus, oranges, and mixed veggies. Afternoon snack was homemade pumpkin muffins and string cheese.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulh74qQfb0-0B3VlciSA

Have a great night!


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WWF 2/20

Happy birthday to Forrest! He turns two years old today!

We started our Monday in the kitchen doing our favorite activity: puzzles!


Then we moved to the gross motor area to climb in and on the big blocks and habitrail.


We loved going outside to play together in this warm weather! Our friends were excited to see their friends from next door when they came outside to play with us.


Breakfast was toasted whole wheat bagels with butter and banana. Wee sprout was corn. Lunch consisted of whole wheat pasta with chicken, banana, and corn. Afternoon snack was homemade pumpkin muffins from Forrest and string cheese.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulh7xyHGDPFcXeH1C7Cg

Have a great night!


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WF, 2/20/2017

Good Afternoon!

Hope everyone was able to enjoy the gorgeous weather we had over the weekend.


*Just a reminder, the re-enrollment forms are due this Friday, February 24th Smile.

*There was a child who was diagnosed with Impetigo this past Friday. Here’s a link that explains various aspects of Impetigo:



Our welcome activity revolved around a clock. This week, we’re going to be diving into concepts of time, including the clock and calendar. During large group, we use a calendar everyday to see where we are within each month. For our older friends, clocks are used to tell them when their mommy and daddy will pick them up.

K.M.2: Understand concepts of time, including: morning, afternoon, evening, today, yesterday, tomorrow, day, week, month, and year. Understand that clocks and calendars are tools that measure time.


Jackson headed up our marker exploration today as the insides of old markers were taken out to make our water color paints. Some of our younger friends commented how hard it was to use the pliers while our older friends used various techniques to accomplish their goal!


Magnatiles took over the back half of the house. Tate and Lucy worked on their one to one correspondence skills are they put an animal on each magnatile square and then counted them together.


It was absolutely gorgeous out this morning so we headed outside for quite some time. Friends always enjoy interacting with one another in our outside environment!


We read a story titled, ‘Five Nice Mice’. Throughout the story, five mice started their own band. Before we saw what instruments the mice made for their band, we used our background knowledge to guess as to what instruments would be made. We were right on with our guesses! After we read the story, we talked about a few key events that happened throughout the story. As a group, we put the events into the order that they occurred.

K.1.4: Identify and order events that take place in a sequence. (2006 standard)


Breakfast– Bagels with no nut butter and banana.

Lunch– Whole wheat pasta with butter and chicken, banana, and cherry tomatoes.

PM snack– Whole milk yogurt with blackberries.

Wee Sprout– Carrots.

Have a fantastic night!


Link to pictures: WF 2/20

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