Tuition & Testimonials

2018 Weekly Tuition Rates 

Rate for all new enrollments after January 1, 2018 and on August 1st, 2018 for existing families:

0-24 months     $266

2 year olds         $241

3-6 year olds     $215

Wee Friends only offers one tuition rate, regardless of the number of hours your child attends each week. 


 Wee Friend Testimonials…

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the WF blog. My heart races each day when I see that email that lets me know there is a new blog post. Not only do I love “seeing” my sweet baby and her smiling face, but knowing what she’s been up to, what’s been taught and what she has experienced that morning warms my heart and helps me continue to teach her at home.  

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the first rate, caring, quality program you are running. I am truly sad that we are only a one-semester family. Everything else pales in comparison.~Jennifer H

 “Our daughter has attended the Wee Friends daycare since August 2008, when she was one year old.  We can attest from personal experience what a positive, stimulating, and loving environment Wee Friends provides for small children.  The peace of mind of being able to leave our child every day at a place where we know that she is well cared for is invaluable.  It is not an exaggeration to say that when we have considered opportunities to move to other communities, one of the major factors in our decision to stay in South Bend has been the availability of such excellent care for our child through Wee Friends. One advantage of Wee Friends is that its location in a small home provides a very “homey” and comforting environment for the children.  At the same time, the two homes mean that it is large enough to provide this high quality care at an affordable price.  The work and thoughtfulness that has gone into making both Wee Friends homes into environments built for children is truly impressive.  The result is that it’s hard to imagine a more welcoming and hospitable environment for small children.” ~C. Wolbrecht and M. Doppke

 “Tami Barbour is, and I can say with certainty, the best family child care home in the South Bend area. She is nationally accredited and Level 4 on the Paths to QUALITY rating system. I have been working with Mrs. Barbour for almost 10 years and in that time have seen nothing but excellence come from her facility. We have used Mrs. Barbour’s child care facility as an example for hundreds of people over the years. She has taught workshops, Child Development Associate credential classes and has volunteered tirelessly to ensure that all children have an equal start in school. We, at 4Cs, provide education to other child care providers on topics such as developmentally appropriate practices, high-quality learning environments, and problem solving skills for children, behavior management, and many other relevant topics. We are often times asked by child care providers, teachers, and caregivers to provide examples of what it is we teach them. When this occurs we always give them Mrs. Barbour’s contact information and she gladly invites them in. This has not only improved the skills of child care providers and teachers in the area, but it has also inspired many child care facilities to create learning environments that have play at the heart of their program.” ~M. Rigdon, Executive Director 4C’s, the Resource and Referral Agency of Northern Indiana

“I have been proud to have been associated with Wee Friends since my son started attending in August 2004. All three of my children have attended Wee Friends, and in fact my youngest, now four years old, is presently enrolled and has been since she was an infant. Midway through the recent Christmas holiday, she came down one morning with tears in her eyes and said, “I miss Wee Friends.” I assured her that it would not be long before she would be back in the company of her beloved teachers and friends, busying herself with books, art, outside play, tumbling and the other activities that not only stimulate her brain but fill her heart with joy. Indeed, my husband and I are extremely grateful for the care provided by Tami Barbour and the members of her staff, many of whom have worked at Wee Friends for periods of time far in excess of what is considered average for day care workers. Tami, Laurie, Melinda, and Marty deserve much of the credit for my children’s happiness, sense of security, and intellectual curiosity” ~K. Cummings

“My children started at WF when my oldest son was 2 and my youngest was 12 weeks old!   I love the family atmosphere there, especially the multi-age concept. I have continually seen older children helping younger children and the kids growing into new roles all the time. My oldest stayed at WF through Kindergarten and entered 1st grade in a local private school.  He entered as a young 1st grader and has done very well.  He was ahead of many other children in math and reading skills.  He has excelled in school and loves learning.  I credit Tami and WF for much of this.  He started with Tami on “kid spelling” and journaling daily at WF and then went into reading the BOB books.  Now, early in his 2nd grade year, he reads chapter books so quickly we can barely keep up with him!
Socially and emotionally, he has always been a little slower to develop than other children his age, but Tami and WF teachers worked closely with him to develop social and emotional skills.  In particular, they helped him learn strategies for entering play with other children appropriately, recognizing emotions of others, using language that helped him state his emotional need for quiet/alone time.  They also recognized that he was a child that needed a “job” and were able to help frame that positively for him so that he was happy at daycare/school.  Tami recognized that he had an incredible attention span and ability to focus and they highlighted this as one of his strengths.  He is 7 years old now and is a bright and focused child and he is doing very well in school.  At his most recent parent-teacher conference, I asked specifically if he was at grade level (2nd grade) since he is younger than most in his class.  Her response was that he was “leaps and bounds” beyond 2nd grade level in reading and math.  He doesn’t see school as drudgery and comes home with eagerness to continue his learning.  I know WF instilled this in him, especially his love for books and reading!  I had him in 3 other daycare programs from ages 6 months to 2 years before I found WF and there is nothing in this town that even comes close to the quality Tami and WF provides for young children.  And I interviewed a LOT of daycares!
My youngest child is midway through his Kindergarten year at WF right now.  He will start 1st grade next year just as he turns 6.  He is currently the only Kindergartner at WF, but he is thriving!  He is definitely focused in the social and emotional development right now and is loving his role of leader and “big kid” at WF.  He helps his friends, shows great compassion when friends are upset and even helps set boundaries with the social and emotional lessons he has learned from his excellent WF teachers.  He is writing in his journal daily and doing more and more “kid spelling” and starting to work on BOB books.  One thing that I love about Tami is that she watches as each child goes through developmental phases and jumps on opportunities to help them grow and learn while they’re in those phases.  She has helped me understand my children on a deeper level and to watch for those developmental leaps and growing phases so that I can guide them as well.  My children were/are so loved and understood at WF.  They are not just “one of the pack” there.  The teachers really see them and know them as beautiful individuals with amazing qualities that are unique to them.  I love the sense of community at WF and the communication each day with the teachers.  Some of the other reasons I love WF are the “extras” that they provide.  My children both went through weekly swim lessons at the YMCA, tumbling classes, regular farm trips and vegetable gardening as part of the WF program.  Those were things we didn’t have to do outside of school time and I greatly appreciate it!  My kids are good swimmers and love nature and good, healthy food as a result.  Tami serves organic, homemade food the great majority of the time and that is something you cannot get from other programs.  Obviously, I would choose WF again!  I am so grateful every day that we were able to have our children in this high quality daycare, pre-K and Kindergarten program.  From what I have seen in South Bend, there is no place better!” ~C. Whitlow, LCSW

“We are parents of a toddler who attends Wee Friends. Our family moved to South Bend from Atlanta, GA. In the whirlwind of moving and looking for a new house, we were surprised at how few options there are in the Michiana area for care of young children. So, we enrolled our son in a larger facility and hoped for the best. Our son is a kind, shy, and quiet boy. His language growth was immense in our first few months here, but only at home. At his daycare they reported that he had never uttered a single word. It was clear that our son was not interacting with his new daycare with the same enthusiasm he demonstrated both at home and his previous environs in the Atlanta daycare facility. We were at a loss about what to do, since there are so few options available. Then, as it often happens in small towns, we heard about Wee Friends and Tami Barbour from our neighbors even though the center does not actively advertise. After meeting Tami we made the decision quickly to move our son to Wee Friends. The small, homey environment has been the PERFECT place for him. He has opened up to his teachers and has begun to climb out of his shell and reveal his true personality to those around him. We know it is because he feels safe and loved and trusts his caregivers. As a parent, knowing that your child is well-cared for is invaluable.” ~W. Jackson and A. Langenkamp

“The familial atmosphere and collaborative, mindful teaching style of all the wonderful people who work at Wee Friends are, in our experience with schools across two states, simply unmatched. The homes in which these schools are situated form an integral part of the way in which the teachers can guide children to discover their own learning experiences each day.” ~Bidler Family

“I work for Community Coordinated Child Care and I do Home and Center Monitor reviews for the CACFP food program. We sponsor Tami Barbour’s homes, and I make unannounced visits at least 3-4 times a year. In the 3 years I have worked in the Food Program, I have never noted a problem at any of Tami’s homes. When I arrive for a breakfast visit, they are playing soft background music appropriate for anyone to start the day, soothing low-key music. Everyone is greeted with a pleasant “Good morning __ I How are you feeling today?” Tami and her staff are pleasant and polite. There is no yelling. The kids are happy to be there. It is a very pleasing environment for the children. Everything there is child oriented and child sized. It is a neat, clean, and healthy environment with wonderful learning opportunities for children. When I arrive at lunch time, it is the same relaxed, stress-free environment. They are serving good healthy foods that I do not see in many other daycares; brown rice, quinoa, beans and rice, and organic foods. They do not serve the common “kid foods,” I see at most other daycares that include corn dogs, bologna and cheese sandwiches, or chicken nuggets and fries. It is an amazing educational learning place that is fun for kids in a controlled environment.” J. Teece, 4C’s

“ From our experiences in New Zealand, Spain, and within South Bend, the standard of day care provided by Wee Friends is unrivalled. It’s is an incredibly positive, safe, stimulating, and loving educational environment for young children. Wee Friends feels more like an extended family than a preschool/ daycare. An important aspect of Wee Friends is the mixture of age groups that play and learn together, creating a “family environment” that mirrors having older siblings. We feel this experience has enhanced our son’s learning and social development in a very special and unique way.”  ~J. Tank and L. Chadderton

“We have only been bringing our daughter to Wee Friends for a few months now, but our experience with them has been great. My wife works for a local education and development center for children and she was very pleased with the way Wee Friends conducted themselves.  Out of the few establishments we interviewed we liked Wee Friends the best and have been very pleased with our decision. We have noticed that our daughter’s development has been remarkable. They treat each child the same and with such love and attention it makes us feel better about leaving her in their care.” ~Wray Family

“I have searched all over South Bend and Mishawaka for the right daycare for my daughter after moving here one month ago. The changes for my family relocating have been stressful.  While I’m at work, I’m comforted knowing I’ve found the perfect location where my daughter thrives. Tami Barbour and her staff uphold the highest standards in childcare, and work hard to provide a calm, nurturing, residence which we count on daily. What caught my eye was the peaceful, home-like environment that is far superior to larger childcare centers in unattractive buildings with fluorescent lighting. Wee Friends Daycare is truly a respite for my daughter. I’m so happy we’ve finally found the right place for her to grow and learn.” ~C. Carroll

“We would like to express support and gratitude for the wonderful environment you have provided to our daughter at Wee Friends. Your consistent guidance and professionalism during this critical year for our daughter has been outstanding. Part of our desire to keep Marta at Wee Friends is also the space you occupy, which provides a clean and comfortable home space for her. At the age of two, we felt strongly that she was not prepared to be in a school or institutional environment. Moving from one city to another under normal circumstances is difficult enough as it is, but your staff really has really supported us—not only by being professional and careful in their jobs, but also with consistent reassurance and a good humored attitude.” ~F. Ciccone and P. Firchow

“We are newcomers to the South Bend area. Both of us are serving as fellows this year at the Kellogg Institute for International Affairs at Notre Dame. Our principal concern upon accepting the fellowship was what to do with our one-and-a-half year old. We were pretty sure that he was ready for daycare but we were very worried about finding a place that he would feel comfortable in and would thrive in. Our son is shy in new situations and we knew the adjustment from homecare to daycare would be difficult. So we began inquiring about options even before we accepted our fellowships. The one place that everyone we spoke with praised was Wee Friends. Although we applied to several others, we were hoping and praying that we would be accepted to Wee Wee Friends (the infant/toddler section of Wee Friends). When we heard from Tami that our application had been approved we were, well, incredibly relieved. Our expectations have been met, and exceeded. Although the transition was stormy, as expected, our son has come to feel at home at WWF. When John drops him off he enters the room and embraces one of his teachers with scarcely a backward glance at his Dad. And when Asli picks him up in the afternoon he often prefers to keep playing with his friends – and show her his new toys – rather than coming home. He has formed close attachments to several of his teachers – so much so that whenever he sees teachers represented in storybooks he says “Amy.” And he is beginning to interact with other kids, which is especially important for Ozzie since he has no siblings. ~J. Gerring

“As parents of a young toddler, we specifically chose Wee Friends because it was integrated into a neighborhood setting.  Inside the two Wee Friends houses, Tami Barbour has used her creativity and expertise to create the ideal environment for young children – a space that truly looks and feels like home, but is designed specifically for children’s curiosity and exploration.”  ~K. Lewis