WF, 2/8/2018

Good Afternoon!

**With the incoming weather, please check your phone for any Wee Friend updates before leaving the house in the morning! Stay safe!

**We have placed the following parking reminder on the front door along with a copy attached to your child’s daily sheet today. Please take the time to read it over so that we’re all on the same page when it comes to our parking policy.

PARKING REMINDER: Please be courteous to our neighbors by following our parking policies:

Do NOT block the alley in any way

-Park back from the telephone pole so that neighbors can get into the alley.

-Pull all the way into the alley parking space. That hill is slippery and it is stressful going down with a car partially in the alley.

East side of the street ONLY

Be parked legally/right direction

-Keeping on street parking reserved for brief drop-off/pick-ups during high traffic times and use the church lot for lengthy stays or the parking pad beside WF house.

We thank everyone for their cooperation!


In our pre-k/k group today, we continued diving in to different narrative genres. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we read stories in each respective genre: fiction, fairy tale, and poetry. Today, we focused on non-fiction while reading ‘Dinosaurs’. A few of our children are deeply invested in learning about dinosaurs so they enjoyed sharing their findings and passion with the group.

We discussed how almost all of the books in the science area are non-fiction because they are books based on facts.

K.RL.3.1: Recognize familiar narrative text genres (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, fairy tales, and poems).


Several children interacted with the welcome activity. Three different cards were put onto trays: air, land, and sea. A variety of cards were placed on the lazy susan ranging from animals to transportation vehicles. We had to determine to what category card each item belonged. Maddie sorted and categorized all of the cards into the correct space, showing her younger friends what cards go where.

K.DA.1: Identify, sort, and classify objects by size, number, and other attributes. Identify objects that do not belong to a particular group and explain the reasoning used.


Math boxes were requested throughout the morning.

Ruby asked for the ‘measurement’ box, using cubes as a measurement tool. After the cubes were on the paper, Ruby used her index finger to count how many she had.

Elijah requested the ‘shape matching’ box, matching different shapes to the outlines.

Emma and a few of her peers categorized items to the correct board. For example, Emma found three farm animals and placed them on the ‘farm animal’ board.


Breakfast– Corn chex and PPC pears.

Lunch– Brown rice with shredded beef, PPC banana, and PPC cucumber/snap peas.

PM snack– Triscuits and peanuts.

Wee Sprout– PPC cucumbers/snap peas.

Have a great night!


Link to pictures: WF 2/8

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