WF, 2/5/2018

Happy Monday!

**VALENTINE’S DAY: Valentine’s Day is next Wednesday. Every child will get to make their own decorative storage bag. Your child can bring in Valentine’s for their classmates. We have 17 children total. Please put your child’s name on the card (or have them write it for our older friends) but don’t write their peers names on the cards as it’s harder to hand them out in a timely fashion. Also, we ask that you refrain from bringing any sweets attached to the Valentines cards. Thanks so much!


In pre-k/k group, we’re diving into the different narrative text genres this week. Today, we focused on fiction stories, ‘The Boss Baby’ specifically. We also brainstormed several different fiction stories that we know of.

Throughout the week, we’ll be focusing on fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and fairy tale stories. We’ll compare and contrast what each genre has to offer.

K.RL.3.1: Recognize familiar narrative text genres (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, fairy tales, poems).


Franklin and Chloe each took turns interacting with the word puzzles. Once they completed each puzzle, we talked about the letters that made up each word.


Paint was made available at the art table this morning. Children had the opportunity to pick several different colors of paint to put on their paper.


“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”  -Walt Disney


Breakfast– Whole wheat toast with butter and PPC pears.

Lunch– Whole wheat pasta with butter and shredded beef, PPC pears, and fresh carrots.

PM snack– Whole milk yogurt with PPC kiwi.

Wee Sprout– Fresh carrots.

Have a terrific night!


Link to pictures: WF 2/5

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