WF, 1/18/2018

Good Afternoon!

The circle table was full of different counting manipulatives this morning. Chloe took the people counters and lined them up in a straight line while counting them with her index finger while Lucy specifically used the bears. She counted them as well while incorporating her own A-B-A-B pattern.

K.NS.4: Perform one to one correspondence tasks.


Lucy extended her patterns into four rows while focusing on different colored bears to complete her pattern.


We explored various wonders throughout the environment.

A three year old child used the light coming in from the back door to make various hand puppets on the refrigerator door. He moved his fingers and hand various ways to see how the reflection would change on the refrigerator.


Grady and Max noticed that when they moved the sensory pillow that we have in the habitrail loft, the sequins made shiny lights throughout the environment. They each took turns moving the pillow around to see where the lights were going to show up.


Today, it was the 48 piece puzzles that challenged us. A couple of our friends are transitioning from 24 piece puzzle to ones that challenge us a little bit more!


Breakfast– Kashi Blueberry Clusters and PPC kiwi.

Lunch– Brown rice with shredded turkey, PPC banana/clementines, and PPC green beans.

PM snack– Triscuits and sunflower seeds.

Wee Sprout– PPC red pepper and green beans.

Have a fantastic evening.


Link to pictures: WF 1/18

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