WWF, 1-17-18

**First reminder: Wee Friends will be closed on Friday, February 16th for conferences. We will be sending out pre-conference forms in the next couple of weeks so that we can get the schedule set! Thanks!

Good Afternoon!

Our friends started the morning off making their own music on the xylophone. They enjoyed tapping the different keys with the mallet and hearing the different sounds of the keys.


We brought some snow inside for a sensory activity. The friends were given different size scoops to use in their snow.  Aggie brought a ball in to roll around in hers.


Emma and Mack helped Miss Marty get our painting activity ready. Miss Marty also turned it into a science experience.  She added white paint to the colors, then asked the question, did it turn light or dark? Emma said, “light.”


To get ready for Valentine’s day we painted some small and large hearts using red, pink and light and dark purple paint. We all used a variety of colors and they turned out beautiful. You can find them hanging up in our classroom bamboo boards.


Breakfast:  Whole grain Cheerios and fresh PPC banana.

Lunch:  Scrambled eggs, whole grain wheat bread,  banana and carrots.

Afternoon Snack:  Whole grain wheat crackers and hummus.

Wee Sprouts:  Carrots.

Hope you had a great Wednesday!


Link to pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulibgp9WZ8bPcBKDxaLw

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