WF, 1/9/2018

Good Afternoon!

Several children became involved with ‘community helper’ bingo this morning. Anna, Lucy, and Maddie started off playing together, identifying different community helpers after I gave them a description prompt. A few younger friends stood by and watched as they played the game which gave them a deeper understanding of how community helpers help us.

We quickly found out that some friends had background knowledge of certain community helpers while others did not. For example, a veterinarian. Children who have pets know what a veterinarian does while friends who don’t have any animals in their house may not know this certain community helper. Friends shared their knowledge to their peers while covering their bingo board.

Social Studies: K.2.1 Give examples of people who are community  helpers (inside the classroom and outside the classroom) and describe how they help us.



In large group, we read ‘The Ugly Duckling’. Afterwards, we talked about how the ugly duckling felt and how other animals words affected him. Together as a group, we made a list of classroom rules that we follow to either be a good friend or to keep us safe. After friends gave their rule example, many friends commented, “We sometimes fight…”. We talked about how it CAN be difficult to follow rules but that’s why we help each other out and all that matters is trying our best. The group widely agreed on this!

Social Studies: K.2.3 Give examples of classroom and school rules and explain how each helps us.


Creations were made at the art table and the easel as we used various materials to make an individual piece of artwork. As David was using scissors to cut paper, an older friend came up and commented, “David, you’re doing a great job at being safe with your scissors!”


Several younger friends sat together at the circle table to explore foam puzzles. There are a couple harder puzzles that test our patience. We passed the test! By working together, taking our time, and using our trial and error skills, children completed every foam puzzle that we have!


Breakfast– Whole wheat toast with butter and PPC kiwi.

Lunch– Refried bean and shredded cheese on whole wheat tortillas, PPC banana, and PPC green beans.

PM snack– English muffins with peanut butter and PPC clementines.

Wee Sprout– PPC peppers.

Have a great evening.


Link to pictures: WF 1/9

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