WWF, 1-8-18

Happy New Year! Our friends were happy to return to see all of their other friends and  enjoy playing with all of their favorite activities.

Today we worked on our fine motor skills as we worked on our puzzles, moved the pegs to trace the lines in the abacus and built with our magnatiles with a friend.


We enjoyed looking at many books or having a teacher read them to us.


We enjoyed the activities in the habitrail area. We used the big blocks to build a wall and the star rainbow mats to play hide and seek, went down the slide and played with all of the bouncy balls.


Breakfast: Whole grain wheat toast with butter and fresh PPC clementines.

Lunch:  Whole grain wheat pasta with shredded chicken, mixed vegetables and clementines.

Afternoon Snack:  Whole milk yogurt, graham crackers and fresh PPC kiwi.

Wee Sprouts:  Mixed vegetables.

Have a great evening!


Link to pictures:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIulibIgh0mGAffntQahqg

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