WF, 1/8/2018

Good Afternoon!

**We’ve put a couple reminders up in the front area: we need every child’s updated shot records by FRIDAY, JANUARY 12th (this Friday) to be in compliance with state regulations. If it’s easier, you can have them sent here to Wee Friends. Thank you!—If you have any questions, please ask!

Today, we welcomed Sophia into our classroom! She knew several peers from their time together at Wee Wee which makes for strong relationship connections. We’re so excited to have Sophia join our class.


Anna joined our pre-k/k group today! On her first day, she was the song starter/mat guard, a very cherished role. We switch every week and each child gets a turn to sing a song to start off group and make sure that their peers are rolling their mats up properly as well as putting them away.

This week, we’re learning about different community helpers and how they help us. We read two books, one about police officers while the other book focused on firefighters. Afterwards, we looked at the pictures and identified who was in the picture. As a group, we discussed what tools each worker has to use to do their job well.

Social Studies: K.2.1 Give examples of people who are community helpers (inside the classroom and outside the classroom) and describe how they help us.


We spent all morning sharing stories from our holiday break as well as reconnecting with our peers.


We hope you’ve had a great start to 2018!


Breakfast– Whole grain cheerios and PPC clementines.

Lunch– Whole wheat pasta with shredded chicken and butter, PPC pears/clementines, and PPC broccoli.

PM snack– Whole milk yogurt with PPC kiwi.

Wee Sprout– PPC broccoli.

Have a lovely night.


Link to pictures: WF 1/8

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