WWF, 12-6-2017

Good Afternoon!

Mack and Sophia were in the housekeeping area playing with the babies. They decided to expand their imaginations and take them for a walk around the table.


Miss Rebekah made some sugar water chalk for us to use to draw our pictures. The colors are more vibrant and the chalk is dust free on our papers. We really enjoyed exploring this new drawing utensil experience.


Mack and Sophia were working on their yoga downward dog pose. This pose will help us with our summersaults.


When we all woke up from our naps, we enjoyed having Miss Hannah read books and toss the balls around with us.


Breakfast:  Kashi’s Blueberry Clusters cereal and fresh PPC blueberries.

Lunch:  Farm fresh scrambled eggs, blueberries and PPC cherry tomatoes.

Afternoon Snack:  Blue corn chips and hummus.

Wee Sprouts:  Mixed vegetables.

Have a great night!


Link to pictures for today:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIuliaZo64hPMOYYkvOHFA

Link to pictures from yesterday:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIuliaUpx-ymODN_3OIQNA

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