WF, 12/6/2017

Good Afternoon!

**Attached at the bottom is the link for yesterday’s pictures.

**As most of you know, we have an icky cold/cough/fever bug going around. We’re doing a vigilant effort of cleaning and sanitizing around the classroom. As a reminder, here is our illness policy:


This week, we’ve been talking about the differences between a globe and a map as well as identifying the different things we see on each. Children took blue and green tissue paper squares to create their own globe. We talked about how the blue on the globe represents water and the green represents land. Maddie commented, “I’m going to make my globe have water on the outside and land on the inside.”

Social Studies: K.3.2: Identify maps and globes as ways of representing Earth and understand differences between a map/globe.



After Maddie and Lulu made their globe at the art table, they tackled the new globe puzzle that we got. This puzzle is a little different than the ones we have because the inside pieces are not like normal puzzle pieces. It provides a great challenge!


A few children requested the light table this morning. We explored various items including rocks, shells, and gems. Lucy and Anna sorted them by different characteristics before Anna announced, “Now we’re going to make a pattern!”


Breakfast– Whole grain oatmeal with honey and fresh strawberries.

Lunch– Farm fresh scrambled eggs, whole wheat bread, banana/PPC pears, and PPC cherry tomatoes.

PM snack– Hummus with blue corn chips.

Wee Sprout– PPC cherry tomatoes.

Have a lovely night!


Link to pictures: WF 12/6

Link to pictures from 12/5 (yesterday): WF 12/5

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