WWF, 12-5-2017

Good Afternoon!

The application that creates the photo link was not working this afternoon.  I’ll try to post the photo album tomorrow!

This morning we all spent some time looking at our books.


While Sophia was visiting the other classroom, Mack was the only child awake. So he requested puzzles and play dough. He worked on his fine motor skills with both activities putting his pieces into his puzzle board and placing the golf tees into his play dough.


Aggie and Daniel enjoying talking on their telephones to their mommy and daddy.


Emma and Mack pulled out the star rainbows. Emma was using hers as a teeter totter and Mack was being a gymnast while singing the Happy Birthday song.


Breakfast:  Kashi’s Blueberry Clusters cereal and clementines.

Lunch:  Turkey and cheese on whole grain wheat tortillas, PPC blueberries and peas/PPC cherry tomatoes.

Afternoon Snack:  Mini blueberry muffin and mozzarella cheese stick.

Wee Sprouts: Peas.

Have a great evening!


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