WF, 12/5/2017

Good Afternoon!

*The application that creates the photo link wasn’t working this afternoon. I’ll try to post the photo album tomorrow!

A poinsettia was used for a still-life drawing at the art table this morning. Children had the choice to use various mediums including crayons, colored pencils, and water color. We used red, green, and brown to express our view of the poinsettia.

As children were drawing or painting the plant, we used our nose to smell it and our fingers to touch it. A six year old friend commented, “I’m drawing this abstract.”



The rest of our day consisted with various engaging activities including habitrail creations and pattern blocks.


Breakfast– Corn squares and PPC blueberries.

Lunch– Turkey and shredded cheese on whole wheat tortillas, banana/apples, and PPC snap peas/carrots.

PM snack– A birthday treat for our newly six year old friend: fruit kabobs and peanuts.

Wee Sprout– PPC cucumber.

Have a great night!


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