WF, 11/13/2017

Good Afternoon!

In large group, we read ‘The Cat in the Hat’. We used our knowledge of rhyming words to complete a few sentences throughout the story. We talked about the phase ‘word family’. As we talked about a family, we discussed how members of a family are similar but not the same. There were four words that were taken from the story and we started a word family for each word.

For example, the word ‘cat’ is similar to ‘mat’, ‘bat’, and ‘hat’. We took the first letter away and added another letter. The kindergarteners were able to add the new sound to read the new words.

K.RF.3.5: Add, delete, or substitute sounds to change words.


The welcome activity allowed children to experiment with magnets. Children who chose to sit and explore the activity determined whether or not an item was magnetic. Last week, Lulu and Franklin went on a magnetic exploration around the environment.


Franklin and David showed much patience this morning as they waited for around an hour for the trash truck. Franklin has been interested in the trash and how it gets taken out along with what happens to it once it leaves Wee Friends. We enjoy this Monday morning routine because the trash truck honks their horn so that we can hear it! This morning, we opened the door so that we could easily see what the trash man was doing.


Breakfast– English muffin with butter and apples.

Lunch– Whole wheat noodles with shredded chicken and butter, PPC mangos/apples, and fresh carrots/green beans.

PM snack– Homemade apple muffins from Ruby’s dad and hard boiled eggs.

Wee Sprout– Fresh carrots and green beans.

Have a lovely night!


Link to pictures: WF 11/13

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