WF, 11/7/2017

Good Afternoon!

Lulu and Maddie explored the trio blocks this morning by forming seven lines of ten blocks in each row. An extension of their kindergarten sign in was created as Lulu counted by ten’s until she got to 70. We pretended that the rows of blocks kept on going and continued counting: 80, 90, 100!

K.NS.1: Count to at least 100 by ones and tens.


In large group, we read ‘Score One for the Sloths’ written by Helen Lester. Afterwards, we took three library books and studied the author’s name. By working together as a group, we put them in order based on the last name of the author. We talked about how a librarian catalogs books just like we observed yesterday.

K.1.19: Learn and apply knowledge of alphabetical order (first letter) when using a classroom or school library/media center. (2006 standard)


The welcome activity focused on stringing together/matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Franklin was drawn to the activity and quickly started linking letters together. A few things we heard from Franklin:

“This is a ‘U’!”

“Look Grady! G for Grady! G-G-G.” (making the sound of a G)


Lulu joined Franklin on a hunt for magnetic items in our environment. They searched throughout the house, guessing on if an item was magnetic or not before testing it. Our investigative souls came out as we tested almost everything that the eye can see Smile.


Supply a box. The rest will take care of itself!


Breakfast– Chex and PPC starfruit.

Lunch– Chicken avocado salad on whole wheat bread, PPC watermelon, and PPC cherry tomatoes.

PM snack– Peanuts and pretzels.

Wee Sprout– PPC peppers.

Have a lovely night!


Link to pictures: WF 11/7

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