WF, 8/11/2017

Good Afternoon!

**Solar Eclipse update: On Monday, August 21st, we’ll have the opportunity to witness a Solar Eclipse! We’ve decided to do an activity with only our large group friends who are four and five years old. Given that there is a health risk to looking at the sun without protective eye wear, we’ve decided to have just our four and five year old friends participate. When the Solar Eclipse is happening, we will stay inside instead of going outside in the morning/afternoon time. Children in large group will investigate what a Solar Eclipse is before hand and do a developmentally appropriate lesson afterwards. As the Solar Eclipse is an abstract event, we thought this was the best/safest route to go! Thanks for everyone’s cooperation! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Here are a few pictures from our day!




Breakfast– Whole grain cheerios and PPC pears.

Lunch– Whole wheat flatbread with shredded cheese, oranges/apples, and cherry tomatoes/roasted zucchini (from our garden) chips.

PM snack– Pretzels, string cheese, and a special birthday treat from Mack next door at WWF! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MACK!)

Wee Sprout– Cherry tomatoes and peppers from PPC!

Have a lovely weekend!


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