WF, 08-08-2017

Good Afternoon!

In large group, we read ‘Me First’ which focused on the main character ‘Pinkerton’ always wanting to be first. Before we read the story, we observed the front cover which had Pinkerton in the front of a school bus with his friends. We brainstormed different scenarios in where Pinkerton would want to be first. Based on the cover and our background knowledge, we came up with the following list. Throughout the story, a couple of our educated guesses came true!


This morning we made a new batch of playdough. Some friends chose to help. They were able to follow a recipe, measure and add the ingredients and mix and knead the dough. We really enjoyed playing with the fresh playdough!


Jackson asked for an experiment.  Miss Melinda had purchased some water wheels. We were able to experiment with them by pouring the water down to see how they move.


When it was time go outside to enjoy the beautiful day, we built in the sandbox, climbed the log house, rode the teeter totter and enjoyed a kale snack from the garden!


The 2 sets of brothers even sat down on the bench to take a picture together.


Breakfast: Corn Chex cereal and strawberries.

Lunch:  Hummus on whole wheat tortillas, PPC peaches and PPC cherry tomatoes.

Afternoon Snack:  Toasted whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and a mozzarella string cheese stick.

Wee Sprouts:  Cherry tomatoes.

Have a great night!


Link to pictures:!AtTCDmdhjIuliMI-xqif2uZ6J5j_GA

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