WF, 7/14/2017

Good Afternoon!

**NOTICE: Starting next Monday, Wee Friends will integrate nuts into our food menu. If you have any questions, please see a teacher.

Today, we celebrated Rosemary’s last day at Wee Friends. She’s starting a new journey and we’re so going to miss her. We wish her and her family nothing but the best!


It was such a gorgeous morning that we walked to Nuner Primary to explore their playgrounds! As we walked, we made sure to pay attention to our surroundings and traffic. The group did an EXCELLENT job and enjoyed the scenery.


When we first got to Nuner, we all explored the smaller playground. The slide was by far our favorite thing as we also explored the balance beams.


We headed down to the bigger playground but first we stopped to have our Wee Sprout snack. Children ate cucumbers and had many cups of water to stay hydrated.


Once we got to the big playground, we listened to a few rules that friends would have to follow to keep their bodies safe. We did a great job listening which made for a terrific time!

We pushed our limits; went outside of our comfort zone; and ultimately had a BLAST!


We started our trek back to Wee Friends. As we came up to the corner, we stopped to see the bell that we hear at noon everyday which we like to think of as our ‘lunch’ bell.


WEE had a lovely day exploring our neighborhood as well as our gross motor limits Smile.


Breakfast– Rice cakes with cream cheese and plums.

Lunch– Melted shredded cheese on toasted bagels, grapes, and cucumbers/peppers.

PM snack– Block cheese and a special treat from Rosemary: banana and blueberry muffins.

Wee Sprout– Cucumbers.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Link to pictures: WF 7/14

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