WF, 7/12/2017

Good Afternoon!

When you see this picture, you’re most likely thinking, “Wow. What a mess!” However, this was after several children created their own projects using various materials that were available at their fingertips. They made their own decisions. They used their hands. They used their MINDS. So, it’s not a mess but a meaningful, child-initiated art experience.


The art table is always open morning and afternoon. Friends are welcome to come to the table and use any material they wish. We have no guide. There is not a right way to do art. It’s an expression of each individual child.

I’ve attached an article that lays out the basic ways that art ties into many other areas of development.


We’ve been exploring magnets in our sensory bin this week and Franklin took it upon himself to explore just a little further. He took a magnetic stick and travelled around the room to see what was attracted to the magnet.

We found out that the art boards and the steps in the habitrail area were attracted to the magnet. However, wood was not. Franklin would say, “Nope it doesn’t work!” to explain when something wasn’t magnetic.


As we headed outside, Miss Melinda took a group into the garden to see how our garden was doing. A few green beans were ready so we split them evenly. Thankfully, our kale was ready too! Many friends enjoyed kale leaves as they wandered through the yard.


“If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.”

-Ronald Dahl


Breakfast– Whole grain oatmeal with honey and strawberries.

Lunch– Scrambled eggs, whole wheat bagels, banana/oranges, and broccoli.

PM snack– Air popped popcorn and raspberries.

Wee Sprout– Cherry tomatoes.

Have a lovely night.


Link to pictures: WF 7/12

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