WWF 7/11

Our friends have been very interested in the baby dolls lately. They love to wrap them up in a blanket and pretend to help them to sleep by rocking and singing to them.


The trucks and the sandbox were our favorite outside activities this morning. Rose went right to the trucks when we went outside and loaded the little people onto a school bus. Sophia had help burying herself in the sand!


After snack we had music time. We brought instruments down and friends played with them while listening to our favorite songs.


Breakfast was Whole Grain Cheerios and grapes. Wee sprout was corn. Lunch consisted of whole wheat flat bread with refried beans and cheese, mixed veggies, and peaches. Afternoon snack was toasted English muffins with sweet pea butter.

Link to photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtTCDmdhjIuliK8GVvOvUxSQd9phiA

Have a good night!


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