WF, 7-11-17

** We sent a child home yesterday with a fever. Today it was confirmed that the child has Strep Throat.**

This morning the art area was buzzing with activity. The letter stencils were available on the table to make crayon rubbings of the different letters. We also were able to draw a picture with markers or paint our own masterpiece at the easel.


Rosemary requested some music this morning so she could dance like a ballerina. Some other friends joined in to show off their dancing skills.


When it was time to go outside, we buried our legs in the sand, looked for bugs and found a roly poly or enjoyed a nice relaxing ride on the teeter totter.


Breakfast: Kashi Blueberry Cluster cereal and raspberries.

Lunch: Black refried beans and cheese on flatbread, peaches/strawberries and peas.

Afternoon Snack: Hard boiled egg and plums.

Wee Sprouts: Green peppers.

Have a great night!


Link to pictures:!AtTCDmdhjIuliK45RlPX1lMFWM7jGw

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