WF 7/22 Wednesday

A big shout-out to our birthday boy, Eren! He turned 4 today! Eren might have grown a little bigger these past few years, but he still has that wonderful smile 🙂


Wee Frienders took time this morning to make Eren a special “E” birthday card. With the discovery of a bunch of random art materials: felt hearts, white circles, puzzle pieces, googly eyes and more, it was a glue extravaganza!


After every inch of the card was filled, friends continued to enjoy the process of gluing.


They even continued outside!


Have a great day. –Jessica

Wee Sprouts: Carrots. Breakfast: Hot wheat cereal and fresh blackberries. Lunch: Farm fresh eggs, whole wheat English muffins, fresh broccoli and strawberries. Snack: Mozzarella cheese sticks and homemade banana muffins in honor of Eren’s birthday!

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  • Sheila (Eren’s Mom)

    Thanks for making Eren’s day special 😉